Sleep in Cabezón de la Sal

Sleep in Cabezón de la Sal

Cabezón de la Sal, as its name indicates, has been a place of mineral salt extraction since the Middle Ages. In the town there are many things to see, like the Iglesia Barroca Parroquial de San Martín, with great architectural significance, located within the Saja Reserve. Although salt has been the main livelihood of the town, there is now little left of these deposits, which has led to geological subsidence. To choose a place to stay in Cabezón de la Sal, here we provide you with our favorite options.

Iglesia de San Martín en Cabezón de la Sal
Ayuntamiento de Cabezón de la Sal

There are few hotel options within the city, but we have three options that can make your stay in Cabezón de Sal very rewarding.The Hotel Jardín de Carrejo, with three stars, is great because of its location at the center of town. It is an old stable that is very representative of traditional local houses, with gardens overflowing with charm as well as a jacuzzi. The Santa Lucía apartments are in Carrejo, 1 kilometer away from Cabezón de la Sal. They are highly recommendable for the hospitality of the owners and their close proximity to the town, located a stone’s throw away from all of the key local places: the river, highway, foot path, and gardens for taking a walk.

Dónde dormir en Cabezón de la Sal
Jardín de Carrejo
Dónde dormir en Cabezón de la Sal
Apartamentos Santa Lucía

A little further east, in Cabrojo, is the Hotel Valle de Cabezón, which is special because of its homemade local food, like the cocido montañés and “palucos de cabezón”. It is also easy to find and the atmosphere is so tranquil that you’ll want to stay and sleep forever in their comfortable beds. Also in Cabrojo is Posada Sel de Breno, which is a must if food is what you care about, since it’s said that their breakfast is spectacular and varied: muffins, quesada, tortilla and biscuits, among others, all freshly made.

Dónde dormir en Cabezón de la Sal
Hotel Valle de Cabezón
Dónde dormir en Cabezón de la Sal
Posada Sel de Breno

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