Sleep in San Sebastián – Donostia

Sleep in San Sebastián – Donostia

San Sebastián, also known as Bella Easo, is the capital of the Gipuzkoa province and was rebuilt in the nineteenth century with French inspiration. In the following years it became one of the main tourist destinations of European royalty and aristocracy. Today, it is one of the most appealing cities for its natural beauty and its pintxos (a traditional Basque cuisine). If you plan to stay in San Sebastián, it is a good idea to find accommodations in advance. Here are some of our top recommendations for an enjoyable visit.

Dónde dormir en San Sebastián
Desfile tradicional de la tamborrada
Playa de la Concha y Ayuntamiento

Because there is such a wide variety of hotels and lodgings in San Sebastián, it can be difficult to know where to start. First, we recommend the Hotel Maria Cristina, which is one of the best known and most prestigious hotels in the city. With more than a hundred years of existence, this hotel has its interiors decorated with inspiration from the Belle Époque, with elements such as majestic columns, chandeliers and portraits hanging from its walls. The Hotel Maria Cristina is classic hotel that, if possible, you should try to visit at least once in your life.

The following accommodation is special for its concept of fine cuisine adapted to the Cantabrian experience. The Hotel Akelarre is a large hotel with an even bigger restaurant, led by Chef Pedro Subijana. Basque gastronomy is recognized worldwide for its excellent quality, and this restaurant lives up to the reputation. The hotel also has a spa and wine cellar so you can enjoy the full Basque experience. The rooms are 50 square metres and are furnished with fine wood and an elegant and sober style.

Other four-star hotels that are also worthwhile are the Hotel London and England or the Hotel Arrizul Congress, both of which are hotels that are known for their cleanliness and standard of elegance.

Dónde dormir en San Sebastián
Hotel Maria Cristina

If you are going to visit San Sebastián and don’t mind spending the night in the surrounding areas, you can stay at the Irenaz Resort Apartments, almost in Astigarraga. These apartments are conveniently located near the Basque Culinary Centre and other historical places such as the Miramón Cathedral and its historic quarter.

Dónde dormir en Astigarraga
Irenaz Resort Apartments

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