Places to Stay in Zarautz

Tips on Places to Stay in Zarautz

This tourist destination in the middle of the province’s coastline shares borders with the towns of Aia and Getaria. It is made up of four enclaves: Alkortiaga, Elkano, Sola, and Arbestain. Zarautz is one of the region’s main summertime destinations due to its beach and the favorable conditions for surfing, rugby, and photography. If you’re planning to stay in Zarautz, keep reading for some recommendations of our favorite places to stay.

Palacio de Narros en Zarautz-Zarauz
Palacio de Narros

You have a wide range of options of places to stay in Zarautz. Our first recommendation is the Zerupe Hotel, a stylish hotel which combines concrete, steel, glass, and wood elements. It is located in downtown Zarautz and has 11 spacious rooms which evoke 11 different feels with the artistic photos that decorate the walls. Many guests say that the best part of their stay here is the great service.

A second option, which is a bit less whimsical and more modestly decorated, is Ekia Pentsioa, a hotel located just two minutes from the beach and 15 meters from the town’s main plaza. The rooms, despite their size, are adequate for a couple days.

A more economical option in downtown Zarautz is Hotel Zarauz, which has 75 rooms and offers extra beds and cribs upon request. The rooms have simple décor and the hotel is located in a quiet area.

Dónde dormir en Zarauz
Zerupe Hotel

If staying in Zarautz itself isn’t important to you, you can consider the surrounding towns, such as Orio, where you’ll find Hotel Txanka Erreka, which has 11 rooms and was built on the ruins of an old water mill. The premises are handicap accessible, and you can request a crib if you bring your infant with you.

Dónde dormir en Orio
Hotel Txanka Erreka

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