Places to Stay in Hondarribia – Fuenterrabía

Tips on Places to Stay in Hondarribia – Fuenterrabía

The coastal town of Hondarribia, found on the border between Spain and France, is known for the stone blocks from its defensive wall which are scattered throughout the city’s historical quarter. It is also known for being one of the towns with the best ambiance in Gipuzkoa, making it a great summertime destination. If you’re planning to sleep in Hondarribia, keep reading below for our recommendations for places to stay so that your trip will be perfect.

Entrada principal de la ciudad
Faro de Higuer

Hondarribia has a fairly large selection of hotels, partially because it is home to the San Sebastián Airport. The first hotel that we want to show you is Hotel Jaizkibel, which is a standard-bearer for hotels in all of Gipuzkoa. With its contemporary and avant-garde design, it certainly deserves its four stars. The hotel has 24 rooms and conference rooms. It is also known for hosting wedding receptions.

The Hondarribia Parador, known throughout Spain, is located in the old castle of Charles V. The rooms are simple, but its charm lies in the original architecture that has been preserved as well as artifacts including armor, cannons, and lances. The dining rooms, with their barrel ceilings, are impressive.

Villa Magalean Hotel and Spa has a very unique style. Conceived as a place for relaxation, the hotel is bursting with elegance. The spa and wellness center is one of its main attractions.

Dónde dormir en Hondarribia
Hotel Jaizkipel

In Hondarribia, but almost on the border of Zimizarga, Postigu Cottage is a rural inn with modest rooms and spectacular grounds, as it is found in an idyllic natural environment. The best thing about this inn is its friendly service and homey feel.

Dónde dormir en Hondarribia

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