Sleep in Bilbao – Bilbo / Left Side

Sleep in Bilbao – Bilbo / Left side

The capital of the province of Biscay is one of the metropolitan exponents of our country. The left side of the Bilbao estuary includes the four riverside municipalities of Baracaldo, Sestao, Portugalete and Santurce. From the urban area of the left side of Bilbao, we find the most contemporary part of the city, which is based on a very working, factory and marine place. If you want to sleep in Bilbao Left Side, we make a selection of most suitable accommodations where you can rest.

There are a lot of hotels in this left side of the Bilbao estuary but our favourite one is the Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao. This hotel is designed by Javier Mariscal and it is located opposite the Guggenheim Museum. Its rooms are in gray tones and they have contemporary style so typical of Mariscal. Its rooms give a great sense of comfort and the views from the bed invite you to never get up. Our favourite part of this hotel is its restaurant, led by Michelin-starred chef, Michel Berasategui. Here you make sure your dish is well pampered.

The 5 stars Hotel Carlton is located in the Federico Moyúa square and stands on an impressive white palace, where the elegance of its facilities is what stands out above everything else. The conference rooms, the halls, the dining room, built on columns of Ionic order. They complement each other perfectly with the elegance that follows in the privacy of the rooms.

The Hotel Miró is other of the most privileged hotels that are located opposite the Guggenheim Museum. This hotel has a more youthful style and it is focused in the white tones, with attic rooms. It is also a good destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday thanks to its spa and pool.

The cheapest option to sleep in Bilbao left side is the 4 stars Hotel Silken Indautxu. This is a hotel with a good price and it is just a walk away from the Guggenheim Museum, as well as closer to the Ibaiondo neighborhood, also known as Bilbao La Vieja.

Dónde dormir en Bilbao margen izquierda
Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao

For the pilgrim community, our favourite accommodation in Bilbao is the Albergue de Peregrinos de Bilbao despite being a bit away from the city. However, you can reach the center of Bilbao without problems by public transport. The owners of this hostel will make you feel very comfortable. They offer community dinner and breakfast service and you would choose the price, because it is a hostel for donations.

Dónde dormir en Bilbao margen izquierda
Albergue de Peregrinos de Bilbao

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