Sleep in Balmaseda – Valmaseda

Sleep in Balmaseda - Valmaseda

In the middle of las Encartaciones (a region of the Basque country) and on the banks of the Kadagua River, you can find Balmaseda. Balmaseda is home to different historical monuments and cultural sites such as the Church of Santa Clara, the Urrutia Palace, and the Parish Church of San Severino. In the peaceful town of Balmaseda, you can transport yourself into the past and explore its medieval influences. If you decide to stay in this charming town, we have gathered our top recommendations for hotels and lodging below.

dónde dormir en Balmaseda
Vieux Pont
dónde dormir en Balmaseda
Semaine Sainte à Balmaseda

Because Balmaseda is a small town, there isa limited variety of options for where to stay. Our first recommendation is Hotel Convento San Roque, which has a capacity of 300 persons. The hotel is an idyllic place that contains a rich history, since cloistered nuns lived there centuries ago. What makes this accommodation special is its large interior courtyard with a skylight,which is the perfect place to escape. We cannot speak to the comfort of the rooms since they were used as cells in the past;however, today they have been adapted to a more modern setting while still maintaining a historical décor.

Another option in Balmaseda we suggest is Villa Balmaseda by People Rentals, a house that is 400 square meters and is ideal for a group or family. The house is decorated with detail and has a garden and barbecue available for guests.

dónde dormir en Balmaseda
Hotel Convento San Roque
dónde dormir en Balmaseda
Villa Balmaseda

If you prefer to stay outside of Balmaseda, you can stay at Hotel Batzarki in Avellaneda, which has six double rooms that have unique decorations and a full bathroom. You can explore the nature surrounding the hotel through all types of active tourism such as cycling and hiking. In their restaurant, you can try traditional Basque food such as squid and Idiazábal cheese.

Dónde dormir en Avellaneda
Hotel Batzarki

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