Sleep in Villanañe

Sleep in Villanañe

Villanañe is a small medieval town with a fortress that has a famous legend, it revolves around the inhabitants of Villanañe, the village of the Varona. They had the obligation to spend every night from May 1st to the last day of July, with two sticks hitting the pit while reciting: “So that the frogs do not wake the Lord up.” This legend has had as a consequence its burlesque name given to the people from the village: the callarranas (shut frogs up). This place is close to the Omecillo and Tumecillo rivers, which irrigate Valdegovía in its path. If you want to sleep in Villanañe, in this page we give you our recommendations.

Dónde dormir en Villanañe
Torre-Palacio de los Varona
Dónde dormir en Villanañe
Iglesia Parroquial de la Asunción

If you want to sleep in Villanañe so you will be able to enjoy the maximum of your stay, the rural house Orlegy is our first recommendation. This accommodation is located in a transit area to all the places with touristic, historic and landscape interet in the valley of Valdegovía and its surroundings. You can rent the whole house. It has three rooms and the common areas: living room, dining room, porch and garden.

Among the alternatives in which you can stay in the surroundings of Villanañe, in the town of Gurende is the Arbaieta Etxea. It is characterized because it has a lot of history and it is surrounded by nature. You have to pay for the breakfast but they are worth it, they are big and really good. In summary, this is a really good place to sleep in Villanañe surroundings.

The Hotel rural Amona in Tiesta is one of the main hotel services in the area. It is an old traditional house renovated with great facilities. It has 5 wide and comfortable rooms and great common areas as garden, barbeque, playground area or living room with chimney. They also have ponies and hens in a walled area. You can pet them and feed them.

dormir villanane arbaieta etxea
Arbaieta Etxea
Casa Rural Amona

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