Sleep in Salvatierra – Agurain

Sleep in Salvatierra - Agurain

In the northeastern part of the province of Álava we find Salvatierra – Agurain. This town has an important historic complex. If you are in the town you can’t miss visiting the ruins of the Guevara Castle or the Olbeas de Auguran. You can visit the whole town in some hours and if you have some extra days you can also visit the Natural Park of Sierra de Entzia. If you are looking for the best place to sleep in Salvatierra – Agurain, in this page you will find our recommendations.

Sierra de Entzia
Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

If you want to sleep in Salvatierra – Agurain you will have to keep in mind that the accommodation offer is really limited, we only found two accommodations worth to be recommended. The first one is the Casa Rural Zadorra Etxea, it is a stone and wood farm more than 200 years old. It still has its rustic style but the place is practical and comfortable after its renovation. The rural house offers 6 rooms to stay. One of the rooms is enabled for people with disabilities. In general this is a place well integrated in the environment.

The second recommendation that we are going to suggest you is the José Mari “el Gordo”. This is an accommodation located in Salvatierra too. It offers a simple but complete lodging service. Its quality-price ratio is very good according to its facilities and quality. In addition to that, if you are a pilgrim doing the Way to Santiago you will be able to enjoy some discounts.

Casa Rural Zadorra Etxea

If you don’t need to sleep in Salvatierra and you prefer staying in the surroundings there are other options on the close towns. We suggest you the Parador de Argómaniz just 14 minutes by car of Salvatierra. This is one of our favourite accommodations in the area. It is located in a hill with views to the Alavese plain and the Urbasa and Gorbea mountains. The hotel is in a splendid Renaissance palace where Napoleon stopped to recover his strength before attacking the city of Vitoria.

Parador de Argomaniz

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