Sleep in Salinas de Añana – Gesaltza Añana

Sleep in Salinas de Añana - Gesaltza Añana

Salinas de Añana – Gesaltza Añana is the oldest town in Alava. It has an extraordinary salt farm converted into salty springs. It has been declared Cultural Heritage and Historic Monument. If you are a hiking lover, Salinas de Añana is really close to the Natural Park of Valderejo. The wine tourism is also really famous in the area because they produce the famous txakolí de Álava. If you want to sleep in Salinas de Añana, in this page we give you a list with our recommendations so keep reading to know them.

The truth is there is not a big accommodation offer in Salinas de Añana. However, we recommend you the Casa Rural Madera y Sal. It is a modest accommodation in the heart of Salinas. Most of the rooms are dormered. Its cleanliness and bright stand out. Clients of this place highlight the owner treatment, she is so kind. The breakfast is another strong point, whenever you are hungry, ask for it. To sum up, this is a really good place to sleep in Salinas de Añana.

Dónde dormir en Salinas de Añana
Casa Rural Madera y Sal

If you want to sleep in Salinas de Añana you have seen that there is a small offer, but we also suggest you staying in some close towns. The Caserío Maribel in Aprícano is an excellent option to spend the night. As most of the rural accommodations we recommend it has really kind owners. In this place they have homemade liqueurs and they are really good.

If you are up to staying a bit farther from Salinas de Añana centre, the Albergue Cantoblanco is located in an old medieval tower. The hearth and the design of the tower make the environment a very comfortable one. This place has rooms for people with reduced mobility. It is a simple accommodation but it invites to spend some peaceful days.

Dónde dormir en Salinas de Añana
Caserío Maribel
Dónde dormir en Salinas de Añana
Albergue Canto Blanco

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