Sleep in Moreda de Álava

Sleep in Moreda de Álava

This Riojano-Alaves municipality is well known because of its Feast of the Judas in Holy Week, and its historic center has several points of interest that are essential in a visit to the area. After the walk through Moreda, there are many active tourism activities to practice in the surroundings, and even in the Sierra de Cantabria. If you want to sleep in Moreda de Álava we have made a selection that we detail below.

Dónde dormir en Moreda de Álava
Detalle de la Iglesia de Santa María
Dónde dormir en Moreda de Álava
Calle con escudo de armas

There are no highlighted accommodations to sleep in Moreda de Alava center, just on the surroundings.

Like many other municipalities in the area, Moreda has a non-existent hotel offer, so you have to look for accommodation on other near towns. Our first option is the Hotel Palacio Las Pujadas, it is a restored building 5 centuries old that has been rehabilitated for commercial hotel use. It has 24 rooms and 4 suites. It is located 2 km away from Moreda and 10 km from Logroño. It is a beautiful place to stay.

The 4-star Hotel Catalonia las Cañas is located in Viana. It is only 4.5 km away from Moreda de Álava and next to a shopping center with cinema and bowling. The highlight of this hotel is its price, which is very low considering that it is 5 km away from Logroño, where prices are tripled.

The rest of the hotels that you can find in the surroundings are concentrated mainly in Logroño, Laguardia or Elciego. The AC Hotel La Rioja, a 4-star Marriott Lifestyle Hotel in Logroño is a hotel located in the vicinity of the Ebro River. The elegance of the rooms and other facilities such as sauna, Turkish bath and spa make this accommodation a complete place to spend the night.

Dónde dormir en Moreda de Álava
Palacio de las Pujadas
Dónde dormir en Moreda de Álava
Catalonia las Cañas

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