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Sleep in Laguardia

This municipality of the Rioja Alavesa has a mainly wine leisure offer but also has other activities and places of interest such as the dolmens route, the Hoya Town (Poblado de la Hoya) or the Ignatian Way (Camino Ignaciano), which recreates the path of Ignacio de Loyola. If you plan to sleep in Laguardia we have a few suggestions where you can spend the night.

Bodega de Ysios

Our first suggestion to sleep in Laguardia is the four stars Sercotel Villa de Laguardia. It is a very elegant hotel with a beautiful decoration with details such as vaults over the pool. It has a spa and pool where you will be able to relax with treatments based on wine and oil offered by the hotel. If you like attic style rooms you can book one on the third floor.

The second place we want to suggest you is the Hospederia de los Parajes. It offers 18 complete rooms in a natural environment. This accommodation is inside an old mansion. It has a style that combines ancient and modern elements very well. The bar located in the cellars is perfect for having a wine after a session of massages and spa. In the restaurant, we suggest you asking for the asparagus.

Finally, we suggest you the Hotel Castillo el Collado is located also in Laguardia. This is an old castle located in the countryside. Each of its 10 rooms are decorated in a different style. In addition, the history that there is in this castle gives it that special charm that characterizes it.

Dónde dormir en Laguardia
Sercotel Villa Laguardia

Beyond Laguardia, in the area there are many places that are interesting to visit. 8 km away, in Samaniego, we propose the Hotel Palacio de Samaniego, there you will have a perfect stay close to Laguardia. It is a historic building that is surrounded by gardens and vineyards. The rustic but elegant rooms are perfect, there you will be able to relax. It is well located near the area of the wineries.

Dónde dormir en Laguardia
Palacio de Samaniego

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