Sleep in Antoñana

Sleep in Antoñana

This old town of Alava is considered a National Monument of Euskadi due to the multitude of iconic places in its historic center. The wall is the most characteristic thing of Antoñana, because it remains intact and in fact, its walls have been used as part of the houses that have been built around. There is a great variety of routes and paths full of history. If you want to sleep in Antoñana keep reading because in this page we give you our recommendations.

Dónde dormir en Antoñana
Puerta de la antigua Cárcel
Dónde dormir en Antoñana
La Torre de San Vicente sobresale entre las casas

There is not any outstanding accommodation to sleep in Antoñana centre, so we recommend you staying in Antoñana surroundings.

Dónde dormir en San Juan de Villapañada
Albergue Gontam

Despite there is not a good accommodation offer in Antoñana, you can stay in some close lodging that are really worthwhile. The Hotel Rural los Roturos in Arraya – Maeztu is located really close to the Izki natural park and 5 km away from Antoñana. It has 8 simple rooms but with all you may need. Its breakfast is diverse. This is a good option to sleep in Antoñana surroundings.

We also suggest you the Hotel Eguren Ugarte in Laguardia, 35 km away of Antoñana. This hotel is located in a winery that offers a tour and a wine tasting. It is located between Logroño and Vitoria so it is well communicated with both airports. The rooms are wide with views to the vineyards. Its restaurant, Vitorino Eguren, is really good. Even if you can’t sleep in Antoñana, Laguardia is a good option.

The Parador de Argomariz is a 4 stars accommodation and it is also 35 km away of Antoñana but in the North. It is a good option to sleep in Antoñana surroundings. It is a Renaissance palace that overlooks the Gorbea mountain. It has correct and comfortable rooms. Its location is perfect, there you will be in peace.

The Agroturismo La Casa Vieja is a rural house in Maturana, 34 km away of Antoñana. This is an accommodation with large wooden beams and very cozy style. If you travel in a group you can rent it out completely. It has barbeque and garden tables. Its rooms also have hydromassage shower.

Dónde dormir en Antoñana
Hotel Rural los Roturos
Dónde dormir en Antoñana
Hotel Eguren Ugarte

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