Sleep in Valgrande – Pajares

Sleep in Valgrande-Pajares

This ski resort has a lot of history due to the great influx of skiers throughout the 20th century for different reasons, one of them is by the number of tracks they have, with a total of 32, being one of the most important places in the panorama of Asturias and Castillas and León to carry out this famous sports practice. If you want to know where to sleep in Valgrande – Pajares, on this page we give you our recommendations.

Due to its difficult situation and the fact of being a ski resort, in this case it is not possible to sleep in Valgrande – Pajares. So we will have to move to find somewhere of good quality and comfortable to rest after a hard day skiing.

The closest and most affordable option we can find is the El Mirador Hotel-Pension, with the right rooms for your use. It does not stand out for its excellent decoration, but it has the advantage of being well placed to carry out any type of activity with your family or friends.

The Posada Real Pajares Rural House is more welcoming. It is a traditional Asturian lodging, where you will find particularities such as a coal oven. The setting is very correct, according to the type of accommodation that is. So you will feel very satisfied with your choice.

Something further away are Valle del Huerna Rural Accommodation, with a total of 4 rooms, takes care to detail for the guests to stay in a practical and quiet way. It is also in a good place to do any tourist activity in the area.

The Entreríos Hotel is also located in the area. There, they offer an exquisite treatment surrounded by an amazing environment. It is surrounded by the mountains so it has incredible views.

Dónde dormir en Valgrande
Hotel-Pensión El Mirador
Dónde dormir en Valgrande
Casa Rural Posada Real Pajares

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