Where to sleep in Tineo

Sleep in Tineo

Crucial stage for the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago, Tineo is located in the middle of municipalities with a high value for their religious buildings. You can visit it during a day perfectly, so on our Tourism page in Tineo you can organize your getaway very well to not leave any tourist attractions without visiting. If you want to know where to sleep in Tineo, on this page we give you our recommendations.

There is a wide variety of accommodation to sleep in Tineo and they are suitable for any type of pocket. About hotels we highlight the Palace of Meras. It is decorated in a unique way to please its guests. They try to take care of even the smallest detail, so in their restaurant they have a pilgrim menu at a very affordable price.

The Pension Bar Tineo is a cheaper option. It has just enough things for its customers in its facilities. The best of this place is its quality-price, since you will not be surprised at the moment you pay the bill.

If you are looking for a purely pilgrim environment, the Albergue Mater Christi de Tineo will offer you what you want. The attention and treatment by the owners are excellent. They will make you feel at home. In relation to the facilities, they are very correct in their cleaning, with nothing to emphasize.

dónde dormir en Tineo
Palacio de Meras
dónde dormir en Tineo
Pensión Bar Tineo

In the town of El Crucero, about 4km away, we find two very good places to stay on your getaway. The most recommended is the Hotel Restaurante Casa Lula, with cozy rooms for the night. The area that stands out is that of the restaurant, with a very elaborate food and of an extreme quality to satisfy any type of diner.

More exactly in rooms is the Asador Rindión Hotel, where they have focused their attention on the restaurant area. The good thing about these two accommodations is the proximity to places where you will be able to practice active tourism.

Dónde dormir en Tineo
Hotel Asador Rindión

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