Sleep in Pola de Allande

Guide to sleep in Pola de Allande

For pilgrims it is a fortune to have this place as a stop on the Way to Santiago for different reasons, especially for its architecture, highlighting the Town Hall or the Church of San Andrés. In addition, they will feel identified with the Monument to the Emigrant of Antonio Prats. If you want to sleep in Pola de Allande, in this page we give you our recommendations.

Dónde dormir en Pola de Allande
Ayuntamiento de Allende
Dónde dormir en Pola de Allande
Iglesia de San Andrés

Due to its small size, there is not a great offer of hotels to sleep in Pola de Allande, which does not mean lack of quality. We say it especially for La Nueva Allandesa, our first recommendation to sleep in Pola de Allande. This is a place where the rooms have as much as it is necessary but where these are complemented by the treatment of the workers, especially in catering, where you will want to return for the high quality of the homemade menu.

The second option is the Hotel Restaurante Lozano, very clean and cozy, and with something that any guest is looking for, peaceful to rest after a day of tourism or pilgrimage. The menu of the restaurant is very affordable for any type of tourist, so it will not matter to pay for it. A great satisfaction is taken by their guests due to the high quality of their dishes.

Dónde dormir en Pola de Allande
La Nueva Allandesa
Dónde dormir en Pola de Allande
Hotel Restaurante Lozano

On the outskirts is the Apartamento Casa Gayón, surrounded by nature with any type of equipment inside. We highlight the garden area and the terrace, relaxing places for all who choose to rest in the area. For the hungriest, in the area of the catering you will find traditional Asturian food.

Something further we can stay at Casa Rural La Portiecha, a fully rural accommodation with free parking. We highlight the living-dining area, great to enjoy with your friends or family for a lunch or dinner.

Dónde dormir en Pola de Allande
Casa Gayón
Dónde dormir en Pola de Allande
Casa Rural La Portiecha

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