Sleep in Colombres

Sleep in Colombres

Between two of the most important communities in the north, this town is a mix of nature with its beaches, cliffs, and old buildings constructed by the Indians, leaving behind the Casa Consistorial and Quinta Guadalupe. On our page, Tourism in Colombres, you can see all the tourist resources for the area.

As for lodging, we have selected the best places in this area so that you can choose your favorite place to stay in Colombres.

There are not many hotels in this area, but there are other types of lodging where you can spend a couple of nights comfortably.

One of the best places is the Casa Rural Villa Aurora. The rooms are quite modern and equipped with everything you will need. It will be worth your trip just to discover a place as incredible as this.

For traveling families, we recommend Albergue el Cantu. It is recommended for its simple rooms and location at the entrance to the town. If you are not tired when you arrive, you can enjoy tourist activities in the area.

Something more personal is La Eria de Colombres, with services like barbecue, DVD, internet and a magnificent garden where you can play with your kids or friends.

Dónde dormir en Colombres
Casa Rural Villa Aurora
Dónde dormir en Colombres
Albergue el Cantu

Nearby are two lodging options that we consider essential. One of them is the Hotel Don Silvio, a great oasis in the middle of nowhere. It has a large lobby and large hotel rooms, both well-decorated, a terrace, and a pool to enjoy the Asturian sun.

The other option is La Casuca del Esbardu, an attentive lodging option with one of the most caring staffs in the area. They always focus on pleasing the guest.

Dónde dormir en Colombres
Hotel Don Silvio
Dónde dormir en Colombres
La Casuca del Esbardu

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