Sleep in Muros del Nalón

Guide to sleep in Muros de Nalón

Muros del Nalón is a photographic environment for snapshots lovers. There are so many places to immortalize that there is always a tourist or curious to visit its streets. Its beaches stand out, such as that of Aguilar or Xan-Xun, or viewpoints like those of Atalaya. In our page of what to see in Muros de Nalón, we highlight all these places and more.

For our pilgrims’ community, they can find the Albergue Casa Carmina, a very unusual place on the road. The facilities are very up-to-date and they have exclusive bathrooms. They also offer very well prepared food in the restaurant area, which creates a very good reputation among the pilgrims to make them repeat.

Another type of accommodation are the apartments. To sleep in Muros de Nalón we have the Apartamentos La Balandra de Muros, with many features such as a kitchen with oven and bathroom equipment. Here the interiors are very well cared for the welfare of their guests.

You can also find the Apartamentos Turísticos La Flor, a place also very well cared and especially recommended for its owners, able to make the stay of your guests the perfect holidays, informing them of all the activities and events that take place in the area.

Dónde dormir en Muros del Nalón
Albergue Casa Carmina
Dónde dormir en Muros del Nalón
Apartamentos La Balandra de Muros

About 2 km from the towm, you can rest at the Hotel Coto del Pomar, a charming place where you will not forget your experience. Its location is very good because it is close to many places of interest.

Very close to the previous hotel is also the Hotel Kerala, with its own indian decoration. It is ideally prepared for the comfort and rest of its customers. Breakfast is the best part, both for quality and quantity.

Dónde dormir en Muros del Nalón
Hotel Coto del Pomar
Dónde dormir en Muros del Nalón
Hotel Kerala

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