Places to Stay in Candanchú

Tips on Places to Stay in Candanchú

Between a total of 51 slopes, Candanchú has nearly 50 kilometers of ski slopes of which 10 are green, 12 are blue, 16 are red, and 13 are black. Its lowest point is at an altitude of 1,530 meters, while its highest point reaches 2,400 meters and is found near Peak Tuca Blanca. The slopes can be accessed by any of the 25 ski lifts, divided among chair lifts, surface lifts, and magic carpets. It has a ski resort at the bottom with three different paths that have a total area of 15 kilometers. The resort also houses the only biathlon stadium in Spain. The main services that Candanchú offers are skiing lessons, ski rentals and repairs, snowmobiles, snowshoes, sledding, and kiddy areas. At the foot of the slopes an entire city has developed where you can find all kinds of accommodations. If you’re planning to stay in Candanchú, you’ll probably want to keep reading for our recommendations in order to find the accommodations that best fit your wants and needs.

Dónde dormir en Candanchú
Estación de esquí
Dónde dormir en Candanchú
Pista de esquí

The best place to stay in Candanchú is Hotel Candanchú, a three-star establishment located in the middle of the ski resort. Obviously, this hotel is perfect for ski enthusiasts. Breakfast is served in the hotel’s dining room. The rooms are spacious and have mountain views. Here you can enjoy a gym with a sauna, a common area with board games, and a bar with leather sofas.

We also recommend Hotel Edelweiss Candanchú, found 50 meters from the chair lift on the slopes. It has carpeted rooms with heating, simple décor, and private bathrooms. The hotel’s restaurant serves regional dishes as well as Italian and French cuisine, and the café offers drinks and snacks almost all day long.

We also want to mention Hotel Tobazo, which is found in the middle of the mountains and has modern, minimalist rooms. All in all, the hotel is very pretty and clean. They offer a buffet-style breakfast and the beds are big, so you’ll be able to get some good rest.

Dónde dormir en Candanchú
Hotel Candanchu
Dónde dormir en Candanchú
Hotel Edelweiss Candanchu

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