Where to sleep in Osuna

Guide to sleep in Osuna

It is necessary to visit this city for the past that it has, in fact, it has Roman history. It is a place with university tradition, and it also has a large number of religious temples. We explain everything. with all kinds of details, on out page Tourism in Osuna, highlighting the Collegiate Church of the Convent of La Concepción.

Here you can see the best places to sleep in Osuna.

Iglesia de la Encarnación de Osuna
Church of La Encarnación
Monasterio de las Mercedarias en Osuna
Collegiate Church of the Convent of La Concepción

There is a great amount of accommodation to sleep in Osuna, so it has not been easy for us to make a ranking of the best places to spend the night. We highlight the Hospedería del Monasterio, in a good location, with a fabulous terrace and a swimming pool to cool off on the hottest days. The decoration has lots of details, and the restoration is the most outstanding thing of this place for its quality, especially for its breakfast and its variety of meats.

Another option to sleep in Osuna is the Hotel Las Casas del Duque, with very careful facilities. They are decorated with materials such as marble. It is usually booked by tourists for its good quality-cost relationship, and its staff is highly qualified to give guests an exemplary service.

Finally, you can also book a room at Palacio Marqués de la Gomera, with rooms with a traditional decoration. It also has an ideal patio to rest. In its restaurant, they serve local dishes and, as a peculiarity, there is a gallery.

Dónde dormir en Osuna
Hospedería del Monasterio
Dónde dormir en Osuna
Hotel Las Casas del Duque

Very close to the city, it is situated the Hostal y Restaurante Río Blanco, with confortable rooms and a very recommended resturant because of the quality of its dishes. In addittion, it is has a goos location where you have multiple tourism alternatives to practice.

In the towm of Estepa, you can stay at Casa de Larios, with up-to-date rooms and facilities that are perfect for large groups.

dónde dormir en Osuna
Hostal Restaurante Río Blanco
dónde dormir en Osuna
Casa de Larios

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