Where to sleep in Comares

Sleep in Comares

Comares is close to the sea but it has mountains on its environment. Its most beautiful area is its historical center, for all the history that there is on its streets. Its Castle Baluarte is also really beautiful. This construction was made by the Arabs during their stay in the Iberian Peninsula. You will find more information about this magnificent town on the page about what to see in Comares. If you plan to sleep in Comares, in this page we give you recommendations to help you choosing the one that best suits you.

Escultura a Antonio Miguel Gallego Romero en Comares
Escultura a Antonio Miguel Gallego Romero en Comares.
Mirador del Castillo Baluarte de Comares
Mirador del Castillo Baluarte de Comares.

It is not easy to sleep in Comares because it is a small town and there is not a lot of options to sleep there. However, you can stay at the Hotel Molino de los Abuelos. It has spectacular views of the town and its rooms have a rustic decor. Its restaurant is the highlight, with fresh seasonal food. They offer an exemplary breakfast and the opportunity to taste a wide range of wines. At their counter, they offer their guests tourist information about the area, where active tourism activities predominate.

Another place to sleep in Comares is the Casa de las Piedras. It has fireplace and barbecue, among other amenities. The building is restored, presenting an ideal decoration and careful to detail to make its guests feel comfortable. The best part of this place is its owner, because he knows how to treat his clients.

Dónde dormir en Comares
Hotel Molino de los Abuelos
Dónde dormir en Comares
Casa de Las Piedras

A fantastic place to spend your vacation days is the Casa del Molinero. Its owners always care about making their guests feel the best way possible. The house in question is very well equipped, wide in all its areas and with an exquisite cleanliness.

On the other hand we have the Finca Los Arcos. It is located in an environment where good quality meets nature. It is very close to the town, and all its areas are quite well equipped.

Dónde dormir en Comares
Casa del Molinero
Dónde dormir en Comares
Finca Los Arcos

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