Where to sleep in Martos

Sleep in Martos

The epic Peña de Martos, protected by its two castles, was the scene of a famous admonition fulfilled. You can see the impressive olive landscape of Jaén and the white and beautiful town that follows its foot. In your visit to Martos, you can not miss the Castillo de la Villa, neither the Church of San Amador. If you plan to sleep in Martos, in this page we give you recommendations to help you choosing the one that best suits you.

Iglesia de San Amador en Martos
Iglesia de San Amador en Martos.
Castillo de la Villa de Martos
Castillo de la Villa de Martos.

The hotel offer in Martos is not especially varied. You only have 2 hotels to choose from. The first option to sleep in Martos is the 3-star Hotel Hidalgo. It is located next to the bullring of the town, in downtown. It is a hotel without luxuries, but with a somewhat pompous decoration, that may be unnecessary. The treatment of the staff is very close and with full availability at any time of the day. They offer breakfasts and tapas for the aperitif.

As a second option to sleep in Martos, we found the Ciudad de Martos Hotel, which seems a bit more modern than the previous one. It has very spacious rooms and its restaurant offers regional dishes, based on extra virgin olive oil, which are very worthwhile.

Dónde dormir en Martos
Hotel Hidalgo
Dónde dormir en Martos
Hotel Ciudad de Martos

If you are looking for accommodation in one of the locations close to Martos, we recommend you staying at Hotel Torrezaf in Torredelcampo. It is a small family-run hotel, with nothing to emphasize. It does not has luxuries, but it does has all the necessary to spend a couple of nights. It is a very modest establishment that has a restaurant that serves traditional dishes of the region, of course, made with olive oil of local origin. At the bar you can have a drink or a snack before eating.

Dónde dormir en Martos
Hotel Torrezaf

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