Where to sleep in Baños de la Encina

Sleep in Baños de la Encina

This town of Jaén has the magnificently preserved castle of Burgalimar, also known as “The Fortress of the Seven Kings” for its illustrious visitors. In the nearby hermitage of Jesus del Llano there is an impressive and unique Baroque dressing room, and in Baños de la Encina itself you have to visit the Town Hall, the Palace of the Molina de la Cerda and the Casa Torreón, among others. If you plan to sleep in Baños de la Encina, keep reading to see the accommodations that you can find so you choose the most suitable one for you.

Dónde dormir en Baños de la Encina
Iglesia San Mateo
Dónde dormir en Baños de la Encina

The Palacete María Rosa is a good place to sleep in Baños de la Encina. It is a rustic style accommodation that is located in a building five centuries old. It tries to mix its rustic style with modernity, as for example the black walls and the wood in the bathrooms. The hotel terrace is multifunctional and it is used for all meals of the day. The decorations of each room somewhat disparate each other, but it works.

La Posada la Cestería is a very rustic place. It has gotelé walls. It is a townhouse with brick. It is the typical house of grandparents, whose walls scream that there is history in them. It shows that in that place there has been life and there is it still. It has antique furniture, but still in good conditions. This inn is a very good place to disconnect and enjoy the tranquility of the environment. Breakfast is prepared with products from the area. The rural Hotel Palacio Guzmanes also stands out. It is an ideal place for relaxation as well. It has a swimming pool and wonderful gardens.

Dónde dormir en Baños de la Encina
Palacete María Rosa
Dónde dormir en Baños de la Encina
Hotel rural Palacio Guzmanes

If you decide not to sleep in Baños de la Encina and you prefer moving a bit more to get to know the area better, we recommend you Bailén. There you have the Hotel Salvador. It is located on the main street of the town, close to places of interest and well connected to the road. The hotel has well-equipped rooms, not so well decorated, a factor that may be conditioned by the lack of lighting in the rooms, as the windows are a bit small. It has a paddle court and their respective changing rooms. It’s a good place for a couple of nights.

dónde dormir en Bailén
Hotel Salvador

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