Where to sleep in Montefrío

Guide to sleep in Montefrío

For a century and a half this town was the bastion that stopped the Castilians that were installed in Jaén. In the period of the Nasrid civil wars, its security maintained a rival king of Granada during seven years. It is a hidden getaway destination with a lot of flavour and the authentic atmosphere of Granada. If you are looking to sleep in Montefrío, we give you somercommendations of accommodations that you can take into account in order to have a clearer idea of your choice.

dónde dormir en Montefrío
Remains of the castle's cementary
Iglesia de la Encarnación de Montefrío.

One of our favorite accommodations to sleep in Montefrío in the Monteftur, an aparthotel that carries all the necessary utilities to spend a couple of nights. It is a very clean space with no noise, the beds are very comfortable and the rooms are decorated in a very simple and correct way. There is nothing special about this accommodation, but it presents the basics for a good stay.

Another of the accommodations that we also like a lot is the Cortijo de Fe, it is special for its Arabic-style architectural elements, such as arches of colored tiles and wood door recordings. It is a good proposal to rest and meditate in the mountains near Granada. The salmorejo they prepare is tremendous and has gardens and an outdoor pool. The Arab baths of the cortijo are also a good architectural piece that adds to the above.

dónde dormir en Montefrío
Hotel Monteftur
dónde dormir en Montefrío
Hotel Cortijo de Fe
If you are looking for accommodation in the surroundings of Montefrío, we recommend Cerro del Almendral in La Carrera de la Viña. It is a white rural house with a very new look. Rooms are very spacious and they have high ceilings. The clarity of the white walls and the wooden furniture make this room very cozy and fresh.
dónde dormir en Montefrío
Hotel Cerro del Almendral

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