Where to sleep in Guadix

Guide to sleep in Guadix

Guadix was the first Christian city in Spain and the capital of the Nasrid kingdom. It has an important monumental complex in which its more than two thousand inhabited caves stand out, configuring the largest concentration of inhabited caves in Europe. To visit this town you must go through its important Mudejar architecture attractions, its Cathedral, and of course the landscape from its viewpoint. If you are planning to sleep in Guadix, read on to see some accommodations that we recommend to you to make easier your choice.

Principal front of the Cathedral
Principal front of the Cathedral

The first accommodation we want to recommend to sleep in Guadix is ​​the GIT Abentofail, a typical Andalusian hotel that has elegantly decorated rooms. It is located in the centre of the town and a few meters from the city hall square. It was recently renovated and it stands out for the cleanliness and clarity of its rooms.

Another accommodations we want to show you is the rural house Cueva La Ermita, which is a very modest accommodation, but well balanced within that modesty. Rooms are very big and the mattresses are very comfortable. The house has 3 bedrooms, it has a capacity for 8 people. The temperature of this accommodation is very cool, so if you visit it in summer months you will greatly appreciate it.

Las Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcón is another accommodation situated inside caves. It has a rustic decoration with blanched walls of red clay. It has a fireplace if your visit is during the winter.

Dónde dormir en Guadix
Hotel GIT Abentofail
Dónde dormir en Guadix
Hotel Cueva la Ermita
Las Cuevas Olmos is a rustic complex situated in the town of Purullena, 7 km from Guadix. Each cave has one or two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room. The owner of the cave lives next door and is always available to the guests. The cave is very cozy.
Dónde dormir en Guadix
Hotel Cuevas Olmos

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