Sleep in Aguadulce

Sleep in Aguadulce

Aguadulce is a town from the municipality of Roquetas de Mar. It has one of the best valued coastal stretches in Spain. You will find this town in Almería, Andalucía. If you are planning to visit it and you want to sleep in Aguadulce, keep reading this page because we give you a lot of suggestions to choose the best accommodation in the area. Both in the beach area or the surroundings.

Our first recommendation to sleep in Aguadulce is the B&B Los Álamos. It is a villa with all you may need to enjoy some days on the beach. It is located in the best area of Aguadulce. it is really close to the bars, restaurants, 10 minutes walking away of the beach and the seafront promenade. You can rent a room and you will share the common areas. All the rooms are wide. This is a good option to enjoy your holidays in Aguadulce.

If you prefer staying in a hotel, we have another recommendation to sleep in Aguadulce, the Alegría Portomagno. This hotel is in front of the beach, right in the seafront promenade. Although it is a bit old, it is a perfect choice to sleep in Aguadulce beach. The views from its rooms are incredible because you will be able to see the ocean. They have rooms up to 4 people, perfect for families.

Another good option is the Apartahotel Aguadulce. These are some apartments closer to the city center but they also have views to the sea. The apartments are really wide. Not all of the apartments have the same views, we recommend you asking for those with sea views, they are really worth it. The staff treatment is fabulous.

Dónde dormir en Aguadulce
Los Álamos
Dónde dormir en Aguadulce
Alegría Portomagno

If you prefer to sleep in Aguadulce surroundings, a really good option is the DiverAguadulce. This hotel is located on the seafront between cliffs. It is a beautiful environment. One of its best parts is its swimming pool. It is located between vegetation and you will see the ocean. If you want to go to the beach you may need booties because there are a lot of rocks.

Dónde dormir en Aguadulce

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