Sleep in Vélez-Blanco

Guide to sleep in Vélez Blanco

Located over 1,000 meters high in the middle of Los Vélez district, its white hamlet is dominated by a castle that later became a palace residence.
To help you to decide where to sleep in Vélez Blanco, we have prepared a guide with the best accommodations in the area.

The hotels, pensions and rural houses offer in this town is quite limited. Within the possibilities that Vélez-Blanco leaves us … our first recommendation is the Hotel Velad. It is a hotel that has its charm if you like classic decoration. After a change in the management of the accommodation it seems that Hotel Velad has taken a radical turn. Rooms, although classic, are very clean and have a sufficient size to be comfortable. One aspect that stands out from the hotel are the views, which are fabulous.

As a second alternative to sleep in Vélez Blanco we have the Hotel El Palacil. It is composed by clean and very well sized rural apartments. They have a swimming pool that is appreciated on the days when sun makes its own. The hotel has a restaurant with an oven to make homemade pizzas. In short, it is a simple, cozy and very quiet hotel at a good price. Surely Isabel, the owner, ensures that your stay is perfect.

Another option is Casa Luna Vélez Blanco, a house with a chillout-like decoration where the rooms are placed around its central swimming pool. All rooms have a private bathroom and also have a patio or terrace. This bed and breakfast has a shared kitchen so guests can also eat and enjoy the house and its amenities.

Dónde dormir en Vélez-Blanco
Hotel Velad
Dónde dormir en Vélez-Blanco
Hotel Palacil
Dónde dormir en Vélez-Blanco
Casa Luna Velez Blanco

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