Sleep in Roquetas de Mar

Guide to sleep in Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar is one of the most important cities of the province and also a tourist enclave of first order. Roquetas looks like a small village surrounded by a sea of plastic conformed by greenhouses where an intensive agriculture is practiced to provide with early vegetables to great part of Europe. Roquetas de Mar is beautiful, lively and warm and its beaches are very popular during the whole year.

In this section we select the best places to sleep in Roquetas de Mar.

dónde dormir en roquetas de mar
Roquetas de Mar port
dónde dormir en roquetas de mar
Roquetas Lighthouse

There are more than 60 establishments so we are going to select our favourite ones to sleep in Roquetas de Mar.

First, we highlight the Protur Roquetas Hotel & SPA. It is a quiet and well-kept hotel with very clean and comfortable rooms. It is located on the beachfront so its views are fabulous. The buffet of the hotel is very varied. There are even cooks preparing woks and other dishes live and direct. The SPA is highly recommended if you want to rest after a day at the beach. If you are thinking about sleeping in Roquetas de Mar with your family, this is your hotel.

As a second option we recommend you the Evenia Zoraida Garden, a perfect hotel to travel with children. It really looks like a resort of Punta Cana, with huge swimming pools with animation for children and adults. The rooms’ decoration is up-to-date and it is also worth the perfect sea view… you will not want the holidays to end!

Finally the last hotel that we recommend is the Hotel Roc Golf Trinidad, another hotel on the beach with all the services you can imagine. Rooms are quite large with beautiful sea views. It also has a very professional staff, it becomes obvious that it is a hotel with a large influx of travelers. We highlight it for its quality-cost relationship. You can stay from 100€ per night in low season.

dónde dormir en roquetas de mar
Protur Roquetas Hotel & SPA
dónde dormir en roquetas de mar
Evenia Zoraida Garden
dónde dormir en roquetas de mar
Hotel Roc Golf Trinidad

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